Why choosing Guest Suite?

Find out how Guest Suite really increases your revenue.

Increase your revenue

E-reputation and customer reviews have a real impact on sales.

90% of Internet users read
opinions before buying on internet

Better reviews promote
on your website

Improve your ratings on reviews platforms

Only 1% of your customers speak today. Among them the discontented! But imagine if you gave the floor to all your satisfied customers? It will improve your rates considerably!

With Guest Suite,
Collect 20x more reviews

Up in ranking
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Extend your visibility and your brand image

Customer reviews help boost your SEO, your local SEO, and give you a head start over your competitors.

Your Google page
is your first advert!

Advance your competitors
thanks Rich Snippets

Keep your customers loyal

Guest Suite allows you to control your presence on the platforms, but also to better understand what your customers tell you

Send a positive signal to your
customers by giving them the floor.

Improve the quality of your services
or adapt to the expectations of your customers!

Are you a group, a network?


Guest Suite allows you to closely monitor the performance of each of your points of sale.

You can control the entire e-reputation of your network from 1 single point of sale!

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